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It is the room for different events and performances in the center of Kiev. It is at first created for children's performances. there is A lot of equipment for a show. There are a scene and theatrical lighting. Also there is a Lightstrike arena

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There is an infinite number of amateur teams competing for the title of "best", "very", "tough", "well-known” etc. show ballet.
Nomen illis legio. (Their name is legion). They certainly are talented and beautiful. And many of them have colourful costumes and even interesting performances.
And most of them, once or several times, appeared on provincial (and even national) TV channels in licensed shows such as Dancing with the Stars.
And there is only one show ballet, which meets all the stated criteria : it’s massive, cool, well equipped; it has vast touring experience and fantastic costumes, their cost exceeding that of all all other ballets in Kiev; it has a wide range of worthy real productions.
Created by experts from Ukraine, France, Slovakia, Canada, Sweden, and managed by professionals.
Unique among the many and the first among equals:
This is VAMP.

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Why Ukrainian dinnershow?
the obvious answer - because everybody  already

saw French, German and English dinner performances,

but nobody saw ukrainian one.Many years we made performances

in Europe and China. But these were performances which are similar as all others.
It is unfair because we live in Ukraine, but made performances as Moulin Rouge.
And we have made the decision to make something Ukrainian. Something different.
What we love, what we like to do.What else nobody did that.
Meet our new show.Also feel pleasure.
We will surprise you.
let the show begin.

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